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Welcome to the online home of Lanco Portable Buildings. We're pleased you're visiting.
Lanco Portable Buildings is located in Southeast Missouri and we are proud to serve all of Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas and Southern Illinois.

Here you can find out all about the quality portable buildings we manufacture, and select the model that best meets your needs and budget.

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Why Choose Lanco?

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Cabana - New in 2014!


Cabana   36.00
10x16 $3,395.00 $157.18

Other sizes and prices are available upon request.

Side Lofted Barn (new!)

Size Price  
10x20 4100.00 189.81
12x20 4900.00 226.85
12x24 5400.00 250.00
12x30 6500.00 300.93


Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn offers the most cubic feet of storage for your money. With its 6' 4" sidewalls and its roomy overhead loft you will have room to spare.

Lofted Barn 36.00
8x12 $1,900.00 $87.96
10x12 $2,495.00 $115.51
10x16 $2,895.00 $134.03
10x20 $3,395.00 $157.18
12x16 $3,495.00 $161.81
12x20 $4,295.00 $198.84
12x24 $4,995.00 $231.25
12x28 $5,395.00 $249.77
12x32 $6,100.00 $282.41

Utility Building

The Utility is very popular due to its many options.  Utility can be fitted with extra doors as well as windows.


Utility Price 36.00
8x12 $1,650.00 $76.39
10x12 $2,100.00 $97.22
10x16 $2,495.00 $115.51
10x20 $3,095.00 $143.29
12x16 $2,995.00 $138.66
12x20 $3,550.00 $164.35
12x24 $4,095.00 $189.58
12x28 $4,650.00 $215.28
12x32 $5,295.00 $245.14



The Barn is the most economical building in the LANCO lineup. The barn offers a low profile building for those who are primarily looking for floor space.

Barn Price 36.00
8x12 $1,650.00 $76.39
10x12 $1,995.00 $92.36
10x16 $2,300.00 $106.48
12x16 $2,895.00 $134.03


The Office/Cabin is perfect for a sales office. It also makes a great hunting cabin or guest house.

Office  Cabin 36.00
8x16 $2,595.00 120.14
10X20 $3,995.00 185.95
10X24 $4,995.00 231.25
12x20 $4295.00 $198.85
12x24 $4995.00 $231.25
12x28 $5625.00 $260.42
12x32 $6195.00 $286.81



The Garage is designed to be used for storage of heavier items. With its reinforced floor it is up to the challenge of storing a full size vehicle with no problems.

Garage   36.00
12x24 $4,995.00 231.25
12X28 $5,350.00 246.69
12x32 $5,975.00 276.62


Screen Room

Lots of summer fun is ruined by flies and mosquitos but with a Screen Room from Lanco Buildings you control the outdoors.

Screen  Room 36.00
10x20 $3995.00 185.95
12X24 $5195.00 240.51
12X28 $5,950.00 275.46
12x32 $6595.00 305.32


Give your child a dream house to call their own! Our deluxe playhouse comes complete with a front porch and up stairs!

Playhouse   36.00
10x12 $3,495.00 $161.81


Smart Side by LP

This photo shows a building with an alternative siding that is painted called Smart Side by LP. All models are available in this siding and colors are unlimited.




Check this website often for the newest
updates to our great lineup of buildings.

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